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For over twenty five years, we’ve been at the forefront of the fight to help homeowners and homeowner associations recover damages from builders and contractors who are responsible for construction defects arising from poor workmanship, shoddy construction and code violations. In that time, we’ve represented thousands of homeowners and associations in successful construction defect litigation and have helped to recover over $100 million in damages

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Latest Verdicts
"Kristin Manor, Gilbert, AZ $1,300,000.00"
Developer: Brown Family Communities
61 Single Family Home certified class action
This matter was certified as a class action in April 2003. The community as a whole suffered from problems with the grading and foundation systems.
Settlement/Judgment - $1,300,000.00
Duration - 36 months
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When it comes to handling construction defect inquiries from your association members, you need to refer a firm that has the solid, legal background and the resources to move efficiently and decisively. But, it’s not enough to hit the ground running; your legal team needs the knowledge and experience to put it all together. At DCS, we have a long and consistent track record of successful relationships with HOA’s. We understand the particular needs of HOA’s - let us prove it to you!