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Will a lawsuit prevent me from selling or refinancing my home?


Certain lenders and mortgage companies have reservations about lending to properties in litigation. However, as these types of lawsuits have grown to be quite common, more and more lenders and mortgage companies have changed their policy in that regard. There are presently many such companies which specialize in dealing with properties in litigation. Further, the disclosure laws in most states typically require a homeowner to disclose to a potential buyer the fact that the home is involved in litigation, and beyond that, may require disclosure of known defects even if a lawsuit is not filed.
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Verdicts & Settlements
"Ashley Park, Gilbert, AZ $2,725,000.00"
Developer: Confidential
589 Single Family Homes (certified class action)
This matter was certified as a class action in August 2005. The homes in this community suffered from damage to their foundation and slab systems that caused cracking in the slabs and interior drywall.
Settlement/Judgment - $2,725,000.00
Duration - 22 months