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The construction boom in the Southwest has led to a rise in the use of untrained and unskilled labor… leading to shoddy workmanship, code violations and poor building practices… who's responsible?

Your builder is responsible for the cost to remedy defects from construction of your home, condo, or office condo.

For over twenty five years, DCS has been providing experienced, reliable and committed legal resources to homeowners and homeowner associations in construction defect litigation. A review of our Verdicts and Settlements below highlights recent successes for homeowners and their associations.

North Oaks Village Homeowners Association $3,400,000.00
Developer: North Oaks Properties LTD.
This 112-unit condominium project located in Thousand Oaks, experienced construction defects involving leakage at decks, stairs, balconies, roofs, and windows. In addition, the Association faced a significant three-year statute of limitations defense.
Settlement - $3,400,000.00

La Ventana Maintenance Corporation $730,000.00
Developer: D.T. Smith, Inc.
This 54-unit project located in Rancho Santa Margarita, experienced defects involving roof and deck leaks along with electrical defects.
Settlement - $730,000.00

Expressions at Rancho Niguel Homeowners Association $4,500,000.00+
Developer: McKellar/Ahmanson Development, Inc.
This 266-unit condominium project located in Rancho Niguel, experienced defects involving roofs, windows, asphalt streets and structural framing.
Partial Settlement/Verdict - $4,500,000.00+

Camelot Condominium Homeowners Association $1,400,000.00+
Developer: Wilma Pacific Inc.
This 180-unit condominium project located in Thousand Oaks, experienced defects involving premature deterioration of the stairs, landings, and private balconies. This Association faced extreme problems with the three year (3) statute of limitations defense, and a bankrupt developer.
Partial Settlement - $1,217,000.00
Judgment - $1,400,000.00+

Altman, Et Al. (Foxwood Glen) $750,000.00
Developer: Warmington Homes
These 39 Single Family Homes located in Corona experienced roof and window leaks. Dicks & Coglianese resolved this matter within one year of assuming representation of plaintiffs from prior counsel.
Settlement - $ 750,000.00

Virgil Courts Condominium Homeowner Association $1,507,000.00
Developer: Gramercy Properties and Accurmac Development
This 90-unit condominium project located in Los Angeles, experienced defects involving roofs, windows and miscellaneous architectural, plumbing and structural items.
Settlement - $1,507,000.00

Brisa Del Lago II Homeowners Association $3,115,000.00
Developer: Baywood Development Group, Inc.
This 150-unit condominium project located in Rancho Santa Margarita, experienced defects involving roof, deck and window leaks; along with structural, electrical and plumbing/mechanical defects.
Settlement - $3,115,000.00

Emerald Villas Homeowners Association $3,100,000.00
Developer: Emerald Investments, Inc.
This 124-unit project located in Long Beach, experienced defects involving decks, framing, windows, mechanical and electrical systems.
Settlement - $3,100,000.00

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What Our Clients Say
"Clearly had the Association's best interests at heart"
With our litigation against Wilma Pacific now essentially concluded, I'd like to extend my thanks on behalf of the Camelot Homeowners Association to you and your firm for all of your hard work in driving it to a very successful conclusion. Christopher Coglianese and Jeff Miller deserve much of the thanks for their diligent pursuit of this case and their professional handling of the many issues that arose during the process. I enjoyed working with each of you as I think you clearly had the Association's best interests at heart

- Don Stevenson – President, Camelot HOA



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