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The construction boom in the Southwest has led to a rise in the use of untrained and unskilled labor… leading to shoddy workmanship, code violations and poor building practices… who's responsible?

Your builder is responsible for the cost to remedy defects from construction of your home, condo, or office condo.

For over twenty five years, DCS has been providing experienced, reliable and committed legal resources to homeowners and homeowner associations in construction defect litigation. A review of our Verdicts and Settlements below highlights recent successes for homeowners and their associations.

Costa Brava Homeowners Association $2,300,000.00
Developer(s): Domain Developers, Inc. and Buie Communities
This 176-unit common interest development which is located in Rancho Niguel suffered from a variety of construction defects including, leaky decks and windows, and roofing problems. Dicks & Coglianese stepped in and replaced Costa Brava's original counsel and achieved this result within approximately sixteen months.
Settlement - $2,300,000.00
Duration - 16 months

Rancho San Rafael Community Association $1,400,000.00
Developer(s): Calprop Corp., Ryland Homes
This 80 unit townhome development was constructed by two developers in the early 1990s and is located in Glendale experienced defects including water intrusion through roofs and windows, as well as cracked stucco.
Settlement - $1,400,000.00
Duration - 14 months

California Court Community Association $500,000.00
Developer: Kaufman and Broad
Dicks & Coglianese was retained to negotiate a settlement for 49 decks and stairs systems within the community that were suffering from water intrusion.
Partial Settlement - $500,000.00

Huntington Condominium Association $6,300,000.00
Developer: Beazer Homes and Watt Homes
This 423-unit condominium development which is located in Orange experienced a variety of construction defects including water intrusion problems with the decks, windows, doors, and roofs and improper site drainage.
Settlement - $6,300,000.00
Duration - 18 months

Alicante Maintenance Corporation $2,575,000.00
Developer: J.M. Peters, Inc.
This 132 townhome development located in Rancho Santa Margarita experienced several construction defects including water intrusion through roofs and windows, as well as cracked stucco.
Settlement - $2,575,000.00
Duration - 16 months

CZ Master $1,573,000.00
Developer: Lennar
This case involved deficiently designed and constructed streets throughout a master-planned community located in Coto De Caza. Dicks & Coglianese stepped in and replaced the Association's original counsel, and achieved this settlement within eleven (11) months.
Settlement - $1,573,000.00
Duration - 11 months

Dakota Homeowners Association $1,400,000.00
Developer(s): Western Pacific Housing
This 212 unit condominium development located in Trabuco Canyon, experienced limited deficiencies with site drainage and area separation walls in attics, as well as isolated window leaks.
Settlement - $1,400,000.00
Duration - 18 months

XYZ ( Confidential ) $1,400,000
Developer(s): Confidential
This case involved improper construction of rear-yard walls throughout a master-planned community in Laguna Hills. Dicks & Coglianese replaced prior counsel and represented the association in this claim, as well as in several claims brought by the individual homeowners, having obtained settlements in all of the actions.
Settlement - $1,400,000 (gross)
Duration - 28 months (approx.)

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We are especially pleased with the extent of your ability in protecting your client's rights and the expeditious decision of our case.

- Danny Kim, et al – Virgil Courts HOA, Inc.



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