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The construction boom in the Southwest has led to a rise in the use of untrained and unskilled labor… leading to shoddy workmanship, code violations and poor building practices… who's responsible?

Your builder is responsible for the cost to remedy defects from construction of your home, condo, or office condo.

For over twenty five years, DCS has been providing experienced, reliable and committed legal resources to homeowners and homeowner associations in construction defect litigation. A review of our Verdicts and Settlements below highlights recent successes for homeowners and their associations.

Brookhollow / Ventura-Sycamore $650,000.00
Developer: Bulmer Development
This 70 unit development located in Ojai, California, had site drainage issues, rusted wrought iron fencing and miscellaneous roof leaks. The case was resolved in mediation.
Settlement/Judgment - $650,000.00
Duration - 16 months

Sea Country Las Flores $2,200,000.00
Developer: Sea Country Homes
This 175 unit development located in Rancho Santa Marguerita, California, suffered from under slab plumbing leaks and miscellaneous roof leaks. The case was successfully mediated to resolution without the need for costly depositions.
Settlement/Judgment - $2,200,000.00
Duration - 18 month

Renaissance Townhomes HOA $800,000.00
Developer: KB Homes
This 75 unit townhome development located in Anaheim, California, had deteriorating siding and miscellaneous roof leaks. A joint Plaintiff-Defense investigation was conducted and the case settled upon initial mediation.
Settlement/Judgment - $800,000.00
Duration - 12 months

Altezza at Newport Coast $1,246,626.00
Developer: Confidential
This 100+ unit development located in Newport Coast, California had water intrusion problems at roof to wall transitions and pot shelf windows. The case was settled following extensive mediation sessions.
Settlement/Judgment - $1,246,626.00
Duration - 20 months

Cambridge Creek $850,000.00
Developer: Beazer Homes
This 131 unit condominium association Rancho Santa Margarita, California experienced under-slab plumbing leaks, garage slab cracking and potshelf leaks.
Settlement/Judgment - $850,000.00
Duration - 22 months

LaDera Vista Homeowners Association, Scottsdale, AZ $1,200,000.00
Developer: Towne Development
This condominium development in Scottsdale, Arizona experienced problems with fire- stopping, water-proofing, electrical and other defects.
Settlement/Judgment - $1,200,000.00 (approximately) worth of repairs
Duration - 6 months

Horizon Heights Homeowners Association, Tuscon, AZ $629,450.00
Developer: Foothill Vista
38 unit condominium complex
This complex experienced problems with various construction defects.
Settlement/Judgment - $629,450.00
Duration - 20 months

Terraces at Tiburon Homeowners Association, Chandler, AZ $800,000.00
Developer: Andrew Bros. Construction
48 unit condominium complex
This complex experienced water intrusion problems at windows and roofs.
Settlement/Judgment - $ 800,000.00
Duration - 19 months

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What Our Clients Say
"Diligent expertise in handling our defect case"
On behalf of the Board of Directors and homeowners of Morning Sun Condominium Owners Association I would like to express our sincere gratitude for your diligent expertise in handling our defect case.

- Nancy P. Luce – President



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